Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Circular needle organization

A few people have noticed my circular needle case hanging on the wall in my studio and asked me where I bought it. I didn't, I made it and it only took a few hours at the sewing machine. The frist step is to pick fabric. For that, I headed out to Traditions by Pamela Kline outlet in Claverack, NY. The fabric loft has amazing deals and if you ask to see the fabric scarps in the production studio you can buy as much as you want for $5 a pound. I picked some heavy velvets brocade that would hold up to the weight of all those needles without stretching out of shape.

I cut the fabric into 4-inch wide strips,
starting with the narrowest, making each subsequent layer 2-inches wider than the one below it. Hem the edges then lay out all the strips and pin them, together before sewing.

Next, I joined the fabric horizontally across all the layers starting at the bottom. Then measured up 2.5-inches for my size 13s, 2.25-inches for the 11s, 2-inches for 10.75s and 10.5s, etc, up to 1-inch for the 3s, 2s, and 1s. The smallest fabric strip in front holds the double point needles and I use the wider fabric slots for circular needles.

The clip on top is an quilt clip from Pottery Barn that I bought in the 80s. Now I have all my circular and double point needles at hand without tangles or mess.

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