Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Acts of Knitting Kindess

Everyone kept telling my how lucky I would be after the photo shoot for the book and then after all the LYS visits that the garments I knitted and that my dear talented friends knitted for me for the book, would be mind to wear and cherish. HA!

All the garments pictured in the book are in mediums and yikes, even some smalls. First, with the time deadlines that a book brings, it's so much faster to get things done when you do them up smaller. Second, most of the models who volunteered to for the photo shoot were smaller guys. And third, I don't think my sweet and generous friends who did some of the knitting would have offered to do it if everything had been sized for me, in an 48 wit extra extra long sleeves!

All that said, Barbara Fabian of Sit-N-Knit, did knit the 9 foot scarf in sock weight yarn in size 5 needles. Bless her for that.

So unless I lose 65 pounds and shrink from 6'4" to 5'9 nothing we knitted as samples is going into my wardrobe. Sigh. So I started up the henley in my size with Rowan Wool Cotton.

You'll remember from a pervious post that it was supposed to be for Mark, but he lost some weight recently and it was fitting me better. Great for me! Until I ran out of yarn rounding the final bend and beginning the second sleeve. I didn't think it was huge problem since the yarn is still in production. But the new skeins were a different dye lot and the color was way off. Then to my rescue, Pam (aka 2muchfun) on ravelry.com traded me the 2 skeins in her stash for 2 of the off color ones I recently bought. Hers were also a different dye lot but they were much closer to the original. Thanks Pam, you saved the sweater and inspired me. I'm going to start putting my stash up on ravelry.com and if anyone ever needs anything, give me a shout.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Give Away Contest - Win Projects or Yarn!

Well, KNITS MEN WANT has had it's official pub date today. I've booked a few signings at knitting stores and hope you'll drop by for meet and greet as well as a bite to eat. Yes, I always bring food to my events.

Wed, April 14th
Knitty City
West 79th street between Amsterdam and B'way in Manhattan
6 to 8pm
Buy my book there and get a chance to win a free 2-hour class with me - for you and up to 3 of your friends.

Sunday April 25th
7 Dutchess Ave, Millerton, NY
6 to 8pm
Again, if you buy my book there you get a chance to win a free 2-hour class with me - for you and up to 3 of your friends.

And now, for the big Knits Men Want "Cringe or Crush Sweepstakes!"

Think about a guy you made something for. Did he cringe and recoil when you presented him with your labor of love? Or did he totally love it? Go to http://www.melaniefalickbooks.com and leave your story. You will be entered to win one of four great prizes. To enter, just share your story in the Comments section before noon (EST) on April 30th, 2010.

After the deadline, we'll choose four entries at random. All winners will receive a signed copy of Knits Men Want. In addition, the prizes below will be awarded in the same order winners are chosen--it's luck of the draw in this sweepstakes!

First winner: This print from Knits Men Want by photographer (and Brooklyn Tweed blogger!) Jared Flood.

Second winner: Two projects from Knits Men Want, knitted by author Bruce Weinstein: the Watch Cap (in red) and Fingerless Mitts (in olive)

Third winner: The Thick and Warm Socks (in green)

Fourth winner: From ShibuiKnits, two skeins of their gorgeous Hand-Dyed Merino Worsted yarn, in “Stone.”

For the full rules, click here.