Wednesday, May 4, 2011

upcoming Austin knitting classes

I'm teaching in Austin at Hill Country Weavers!

While I'm in Austin next week to teach cooking at Lake Austin Spa I've agreed to teach some knitting classes at HCW. They're charging a really low fee so everyone can come and knit with me! You’ll pay only $30 for a 3 hour class!

Call today to reserve your spot: 512-707-7396

May 14, 10 am - 1 pm

Rule #10: Men are Oblivious.

We don’t pay attention to our clothes. In fact, you might find me on any given day wearing my shirt inside out. So how do you knit for a guy and get over this problem? Knit a reversible cable scarf. The pattern in KNITS MEN WANT takes 5 cables and ribs and combines them to create a scarf that not only is the same front and back, but it’s also challenging and fun to knit.

You’ll find it so gorgeous, you might just want to knit it for yourself. Come start this amazing pattern with me and I’ll show you how to vary the pattern to fit any yarn, thicker yarn makes it more feminine and he’ll show you how to adapt the pattern to make it work.

Want to turn this gorgeous pattern into a blanket or throw? I will show you how to do that as well. We’ll spend the first part of class choosing yarn and doing our swatches. Not necessarily for gauge, it’s not crucial, but instead we’ll swatch for fabric - to see how changing needle size changes the fabric we make and changes the finished document.

Knitting requirements: You must knit and purl - have experience with ribbing, and if you’ve never done cables, well if you’re a quick study we can make that work but this is not a intro to cables class.

May 15, 10 am - 1 pm

There’s nothing quite like creating a knitted garment that looks like it came right off a loom. It’s easier than you think but goes against common sense. Very thin yarn… but much larger needles. Really? Sometimes.

I will show you how to knit his reversible herringbone scarf which looks loomed. But this one is made with a fairly thick yarn.

Then we’ll move onto the linen stitch as well as a tweed stitch, and three and one (which I like to call a woven dense garter). Each of these is made with thinner yarn. Slipped stitches create dense fabric that’s just perfect for throws, shawls, scarves, and even table runners.

Knitting requirements: You must knit and purl and be comfortable with a wide range of yarn gauges and needle sizes.

Spaces are limited. Call today! 512-707-7396